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Summer Reading lists?
Good morning, campfire fellows! I hope everyone is well. I was curious to know what people were planning on reading over the summer months. I am try
dseanmatSep-06-19 06:30 PM
by Les Down Under
Hey everyone
Is the forum staying unusually quiet or are my pages hung up?
Tennessee DaveMar-23-20 12:26 AM
by Les Down Under
Where should we draw the line?
Just watched The Professionals" last night. It was promoted and has to my mind always been referred to as a Western. Set during the Mexican Revoluti
Les Down UnderMar-14-21 11:05 PM
by thelegand45
Tom Selleck
Saw TS on his commercial for home sale, getting your money now and they get the home later. Anyway, TS was walking up to the camera I noticed he was n
Tennessee DaveSep-17-19 06:01 PM
by milkbandit
Help me out here with "Reilly's Lu
I've been trying to cast the character Will Reilly but I can't get it right. The character would have to be very personable, and of course at the sam
Tennessee DaveJan-04-20 11:30 AM
by mesadelvadre8
What is everyone reading right now.
Reading BLUE MOON by Lee Child On deck THE SWAMP FOX by John Oller and FATSO by Arthur Donovan
Mike ShafferApr-26-20 12:51 AM
by jakem33
What are you reading?
I've just finished reading the novel Andersonville by MacKinlay Kantor, about the infamous Civil War prison for Union soldiers. Best book I've read i
ChrisEnglandDec-09-19 04:26 PM
by mesadelvadre8
I am getting into my planning for my trip up your way mid year. (Doing a U shaped loop DC to LA and my travel agent has just planted a seed to be cons
Les Down UnderFeb-16-20 05:33 PM
by Les Down Under
Time Periods of Novels
Has anyone ever noticed that the time periods for the Sackett stories given in "The Sackett Companion" do not match up too well with the time periods
john555Aug-18-20 11:26 AM
by john555
Bert Murphy
I am missing Bert and his wife, Martha this morning. For those who came in late, Bert was one of the old and now defunct group of Louis L’Amour fans
Mike ShafferNov-25-20 05:53 PM
by john555
A question
Is anyone wearing protective gear against the Caronavirus? I keep my mask and gloves in my truck, especially for when I go to Wal-Mart, being in my si
Tennessee DaveSep-24-20 07:08 PM
by john555
Shooting as you point your finger
I was wondering earlier which gun company had moved into Huntsville, AL a few years ago. So I googled it and was reading an article about it. (It was
epeterdMay-18-20 01:24 AM
by Mike Shaffer
So I just finished reading Kilkenny, and started reading the Lost Treasures section in the back. I got to where Beau mentions that it was filmed in th
epeterdOct-21-20 05:07 PM
by Les Down Under
Alert -- To the Far Blue Mountains
I'm working on the LLLT Postscript edition of TTFBM. Central to the PS is the fact that the book's original hardcover edition was heavily edited and
blamourJun-17-21 09:20 PM
by blamour
I've been going back thru the non-Sackett novels. Most recently "Hanging Woman Creek", "Down the Long Hills", "Conagher" and "The Empty Land". HWC
john555Dec-16-22 05:55 PM
by john555
I always thought this character would have been good for more tales.
john555Aug-12-21 05:51 AM
by epeterd
Sky Ring Water...Beau.
So I heard this dropped in the introduction of Lost Treasures Volume 2...and I'm intrigued of course! Beau, can you give us some insight into this n
Carcosa2004May-15-22 11:50 PM
by john555
Cover Art
Please HELP! I recently inherited an oil painting painted by John Leone. I know that the art was on the cover of one of Louis L’Amour’s books. It is o
Harry daddyFeb-19-20 11:33 AM
by mesadelvadre8
Welcome Back!
Guess technically this is kinda like giving yourself a nickname; you're not really supposed to do it. But I have decided to welcome myself back to the
epeterdFeb-26-20 03:26 AM
by epeterd
Clean mountain air
I was just thinking the other day that with coronavirus around it would be nice to have a place to bug out to. I remembered how LL mentioned in severa
epeterdApr-08-20 03:15 AM
by Rifleman
Sitting here by the dining room window wondering what to say...and what to read next. Problem is I have to get up. One library is in the space betwe
Mike ShafferDec-04-20 12:25 PM
by john555
Fun Casting
Arising from the discussion in another post (TDs Tom Selleck / Sacketts) here's my fun cast list for Last of the Breed. Remember these are just a fun
Les Down UnderOct-02-19 01:03 PM
by mesadelvadre8
Quote from my second grade teacher.
“We don’t know if Michael can read, because he won’t read out loud.” It turned out to be the best thing to have happen at age seven. I got books. A
Mike ShafferJun-13-20 06:40 AM
by epeterd
Do you have a favorite 'setting' ?
Hi All, Was talking with a friend the other day and got around to sharing my lifelong experience reading Lamour's westerns. In the course of that con
milkbanditApr-08-20 05:43 AM
by epeterd
The Carridine clan
Saw The Cowboys tonight with Robert Carridine, then what do you know, the old man comes on next in The True Story of Jesse James. And I've been watch
Tennessee DaveSep-06-19 11:59 PM
by Les Down Under
"Special " LL books
My mother told me yesterday that she came across a LL book that I gave her many years ago. It was 'Galloway'. I spoken about my mother putting her ini
Tennessee DaveDec-28-19 01:48 AM
by Falcon
Magazine Publications for Beau or P
You may have noted that I am starting to collect Old Magazines containing Louis stories. Do you have hidden away anywhere a list similar to your filmo
Les Down UnderOct-03-19 06:17 PM
by Les Down Under
Live at the Ryman
Country music: Live at the Ryman Been watching this Ken Burns special with the best singers today. Right now it's Holly Williams, Hank's granddaughter
Tennessee DaveMar-04-20 04:31 AM
by Mike Shaffer
Beau and Angelique are welcome to t
Who is the most interesting celebrity you ever met. And was it their accomplishments or charisma. I hope Beau and Angelique will join. They should hav
Tennessee DaveApr-08-20 01:36 AM
by Tennessee Dave
Just finished Bendigo Shafter for the, um, third or fourth time. I noticed a paragraph in Ch 28 (page 270 in my copy) where Bendigo discusses comprom
john555Apr-25-21 04:15 PM
by john555
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