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Just finished re-reading the Comstock Lode. Does this story strike anybody else as a pretty dark tale. There is the rape and murder of the two mothe
john555Oct-28-20 09:02 PM
by john555
Has anyone ever spent any time looking up some of the real life characters that LL drops into his books. For example, Pete Kitchen who was referred t
john555Oct-23-20 06:23 PM
by john555
So I just finished reading Kilkenny, and started reading the Lost Treasures section in the back. I got to where Beau mentions that it was filmed in th
epeterdOct-21-20 05:07 PM
by Les Down Under
Cape Henry
Good morning, Would anyone here happen to know if Cape Henry is mentioned in any of Louis's books? I feel it is but just can't remember. Thanks for t
drgdhodOct-19-20 11:39 AM
by drgdhod
Callaghen is one that I've only read one or two times, and those times more than twenty years past. Released in 1972, it is well-crafted. It's a ver
FalconSep-30-20 09:28 PM
by Falcon
Just out of curiosity. Does anyone know if LL drank coffee like most of his characters? I suspect he did.
john555Sep-27-20 10:13 AM
by john555
A question
Is anyone wearing protective gear against the Caronavirus? I keep my mask and gloves in my truck, especially for when I go to Wal-Mart, being in my si
Tennessee DaveSep-24-20 07:08 PM
by john555
Until this weekend I had never seen this show. The Decades channel has been showing it all weekend. Good Western. Reading about Clint Walker on Wikipe
epeterdSep-06-20 08:16 PM
by Tennessee Dave
Hey, Beau
I may have asked you already about this, but did LL ever have any seriously, or otherwise, violent "confrontations" while on the road? I know from my
Tennessee DaveAug-24-20 01:18 PM
by Tennessee Dave
Time Periods of Novels
Has anyone ever noticed that the time periods for the Sackett stories given in "The Sackett Companion" do not match up too well with the time periods
john555Aug-18-20 11:26 AM
by john555
Military stuff
Mostly it doesn’t appear to change much at the basic level. In Nam I was given a commendation medal...for doing my job. Which is weird to this day.
Mike ShafferAug-17-20 01:25 PM
by Mike Shaffer
Possibly teaching L'Amour in a high
Hi guys... I teach English at a boarding school/wilderness program for troubled teens, and I have been thinking of offering a class on Louis L'Amour,
dbrown73Aug-12-20 04:48 PM
by Mike Shaffer
Genealogical history...
So, I am digging around and came across a picture of a woman...a recreation of the first people of Britain...called Beaker People. And a likeness of
Mike ShafferAug-12-20 04:36 PM
by Mike Shaffer
Leatherette printed upside down
Has anyone heard of any of the leatherette hardcovers that is printed upside down?
Tom MasonAug-11-20 01:21 AM
by Hal Hall
Last of the Breed
Was anyone else disappointed in the ending of the Last of The Breed book? It's a great book with lots of action and a good theme that ends abruptly.
Hal_32572TXAug-03-20 12:15 PM
by Mike Shaffer
Charlie Daniels 1936 - 2020
Sadly we say "so long" to a Country Western icon and dear friend of the L'Amour family, Charlie Daniels. https://www.youtub e.com/watch?v=ijVz3I OREdA
PaulJul-19-20 12:47 PM
by TOM
Remembering a friend...Semper Fidel
He died about a year ago. During the war in Viet Nam he joined the Marine Corp. He was a sniper...it affected him strangely. We'd be walking on a c
Mike ShafferJul-18-20 11:31 PM
by SailBoat
Complete set
Is there a place to post and sell the books ? I have a complete set of paperbacks and many other duplicates.
ericj8838Jul-12-20 06:45 PM
by Les Down Under
Which book is this from?
At the end of one of the books there is a final paragraph where the character says he has hung up his guns and hopes to not have to use them again but
tx1_lamourfanJul-01-20 03:28 AM
by tx1_lamourfan
Hey TD
Back in the day... https://www. facebook.com/photo.p hp?fbid=102236120784 33729&set=a.15814326 59426&type=3
Mike ShafferJun-27-20 06:47 PM
by Les Down Under
New to the forum
Hi all. I'm new here, and just wanted to say hello before posting anything else. I came to Louis a bit late (I was 30) when I inherited my grandmother
dbrown73Jun-26-20 06:31 PM
by Mike Shaffer
Sam's replacement
Have just started re-watching Hell on Wheels. I think Anson Mount might make a reasonable replacement for Sam Elliott as Tell. Les Isn't making a s
Les Down UnderJun-23-20 01:57 PM
by mesadelvadre8
Paul or Beau download problem
Hey guys, I hope y'all are doing well. I am having a problem downloading my most recent purchase. I purchased the mp3 download of "Keep Traveling,
UnknownSackettJun-22-20 08:59 PM
by UnknownSackett
'A Quiet Place'.
Seems to be seemingly quiet on the forum. Need a spark or friendly conversation.......
mesadelvadre8Jun-13-20 07:36 PM
by mesadelvadre8
Anyone else ever tried this...
At work a bunch of us decided to have fun writing...the object was to write the person you handed the story off to into a corner. You could write a w
Mike ShafferJun-13-20 07:32 PM
by mesadelvadre8
Quote from my second grade teacher.
“We don’t know if Michael can read, because he won’t read out loud.” It turned out to be the best thing to have happen at age seven. I got books. A
Mike ShafferJun-13-20 06:40 AM
by epeterd
Just for fun
A friend sent me the following 'Crypto Quiz' because she knew I was a Louis fan. She didn't give me any clues except "I would find it dear to my hear
Les Down UnderJun-13-20 01:06 AM
by Les Down Under
Cowboy Joe
******************** ******************** ** Shoot Low, Boys--They're Ridin' Shetland Ponies Cowboy Joe is originally from Texas where everything out
DocKatyJun-09-20 04:36 AM
by epeterd
We are almost there.
Monday 8th of June. NZ has 0 active cases of Covid 19. 1504 people in NZ had the disease 22 people died As of midnight last night we enter Level 1.
Les Down UnderJun-09-20 03:28 AM
by epeterd
What a wonderful work. It is abundantly clear how Louis loved the sea. His sentences, phrases, sayings and expressions, sailing terminology...all wr
Arkansas ToothpickMay-31-20 06:16 PM
by Les Down Under
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