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Two of this year's movies ...
If you are interested in the life and times of Louis L'Amour and his family there are two good films out this year that touch on the environment that
blamourDec-05-19 12:11 PM
by blamour
I've got to say it!
Paul is at his best, my Christmas package of 7 Lost treasures Postscripts and LT Volume 2 arrived bang on time (12 days after posting to New Zealand).
Les Down UnderDec-01-19 05:45 PM
by Les Down Under
Happy Thanksgiving
To everyone! ☺☺☺ ;
Tennessee DaveNov-30-19 02:20 PM
by Derek
My holiday reading sorted.
Lost Treasures Volume 2 and the last seven LT postscript editions arrived in my mail this morning :7. Saving titles and buying as a package gives me
Les Down UnderNov-28-19 01:31 AM
by Les Down Under
New cover art for Last of the Breed
WOW! Anyone seen it? It captures what for me was the most vivid, exciting moment in the novel. Dan Mathews, Torrington, CT
dseanmatNov-27-19 08:31 PM
by blamour
YONDERING question for Beau...
Seems like I only post about YONDERING... Beau, given the development of of this book over the years, what was the rational of including MOON OF THE
CarcosaNov-26-19 12:34 AM
by blamour
Trail to the Seven Pines book
I am in search of the leather bound (not leatherette) with the gold leafing on the edges of the pages Trail to the Seven Pines book. I want to make my
aeparrish76Nov-16-19 01:19 AM
by Les Down Under
sackett brand
anyone know what the Sackett cattle cow brand was?
wahudad1Nov-15-19 05:43 PM
by Les Down Under
Howdy the Camp, Does anyone know of which LL book mentions the "Rabbit Ears" natural formation? {Hills, Mountains, or Stone formations} I t
SailBoatNov-09-19 02:34 AM
by Tennessee Dave
Help me find this story
I vaguely remember reading a story, I think it was Louis L'Amour, where the characters rode thru a creek (maybe even a waterfall) to a hidden spot. Th
UnknownSackettNov-06-19 03:12 PM
by mesadelvadre8
Books related to The Haunted Mesa/C
I need some help/guidance from those that may know. I am in search for books wrote by the great L’Amour relating to other worlds/dimensions/re alms.
GasolineheadNov-06-19 01:36 PM
by blamour
The Mountain Valley War
Howdy, fellow campfire denizens! I just finished Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment (speaking of "punishment...!") and subsequently picked up the las
dseanmatNov-06-19 12:47 PM
by mesadelvadre8
Need to stay off E-bay
Smoke From This Altar Hand Signed Louis L'Amour 1939 1st Edition Hard Back Book. Just won this this afternoon slightly dearer than my copy of the Leat
Les Down UnderNov-05-19 05:47 PM
by Les Down Under
'Louis L'Amour'
Was at a local restraint, finishing my meal with a piece of pumpkin pie and a cup of black coffee... As I glared into my coffee cup, I thoug
mesadelvadre8Nov-03-19 03:43 PM
by Tennessee Dave
'Short Story'
Does anyone on the forum know of a short story called; 'Dead Ringer'? Possibly a short version of 'Riders of the lost creek' ???
mesadelvadre8Nov-02-19 02:52 PM
by mesadelvadre8
Comments on "Tucker"
Started reading Tucker again and I just noticed something, LL wrote about normal happenings of a person's life and mental workings. For example, on th
Tennessee DaveOct-27-19 04:23 PM
by Tennessee Dave
More for my collection.
My copy of Colliers from July 52 arrived this morning. It has the original "Gift of Cochise" story. Les Isn't making a smoking section in a restau
Les Down UnderOct-17-19 12:04 AM
by Les Down Under
No Traveller Returns
I bought the paperback at Wal Mart in Vidalia, LA last week. Read the first few pages sitting directly across the River from Natchez Under the Hill.
UnknownSackettOct-09-19 11:25 PM
by UnknownSackett
Gold tooth with a diamond
Is there a character in one of Louis L'Amour's novels who has a gold tooth with a diamond ? Any details would be appreciated. Thanks for any help yo
ClaytonH3Oct-06-19 01:34 AM
by Tennessee Dave
Magazine Publications for Beau or P
You may have noted that I am starting to collect Old Magazines containing Louis stories. Do you have hidden away anywhere a list similar to your filmo
Les Down UnderOct-03-19 06:17 PM
by Les Down Under
Fun Casting
Arising from the discussion in another post (TDs Tom Selleck / Sacketts) here's my fun cast list for Last of the Breed. Remember these are just a fun
Les Down UnderOct-02-19 01:03 PM
by mesadelvadre8
Next trip
The following is my first outline (desires)for my next trip in 2020. I still need to work out dates because last year I missed a lot because I was th
Les Down UnderSep-18-19 03:34 AM
by Tennessee Dave
Tom Selleck
Saw TS on his commercial for home sale, getting your money now and they get the home later. Anyway, TS was walking up to the camera I noticed he was n
Tennessee DaveSep-17-19 06:01 PM
by milkbandit
'New Hard Covers'
Just curious if you are going to get any new hard covers in? They have been sold out for quite awhile?.....Getting terribly hard to find anymore
mesadelvadre8Sep-13-19 10:48 PM
by Tennessee Dave
Ruth Roman
I can't remember which LL movie she was in where she had main scenes with Ben Johnson; great moviee. Lately though I've seen her in many westerns set
Tennessee DaveSep-08-19 07:01 PM
by Tennessee Dave
The Carridine clan
Saw The Cowboys tonight with Robert Carridine, then what do you know, the old man comes on next in The True Story of Jesse James. And I've been watch
Tennessee DaveSep-06-19 11:59 PM
by Les Down Under
Summer Reading lists?
Good morning, campfire fellows! I hope everyone is well. I was curious to know what people were planning on reading over the summer months. I am try
dseanmatSep-06-19 06:30 PM
by Les Down Under
Magazines arrived
To celebrate the excellent outcome of my operation I did a little online shopping and the first parcel arrived in this morning’s post  Popular
Les Down UnderSep-05-19 01:34 AM
by Les Down Under
TV episodes and wanna be episodes..
Just watched a episode of 'Tales of Wells Fargo' called 'The Wade Place', and in the credits was based on a short story by Louis L'Amour. No other
mesadelvadre8Sep-05-19 01:32 AM
by Les Down Under
Hey Les
Sorry man, forgot to enquire about your health. How are you amigo?
Tennessee DaveSep-02-19 11:50 PM
by Tennessee Dave
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