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In Ch 17 of "The Man From Skibbereen", Crispin Mayo offers up the following, "Let us not lose this," Cris muttered aloud, "let us not lose this, God
john555Feb-24-21 02:11 AM
by Rick Abreu
If only we could all win Lotto and
There's a discussion starting on a Face Book site that wanted a Mini Series on Barnabus so I suggested something that I have been daydreaming of for s
Les Down UnderFeb-12-21 07:56 PM
by john555
Which book had a mine into a tower
I know I read a book where the main character was mining gold from the base of a tower. He was afraid it would fall the entire time and even paved a p
GorillaFeb-07-21 05:33 PM
by Gorilla
Mike or Shafe were my only two...until I started dating Debby. We were married for nearly forty years...she is tall at 5í8Ē, auburn haired with freck
Mike ShafferFeb-06-21 02:43 PM
by Mike Shaffer
Just finished "Reilly's Luck" again. I think that this is my second favorite LL novel. It's just a really good story. Of course, "The Daybreakers"
john555Jan-31-21 12:41 PM
by Phyllis
So, I recently finished reading Catlow, the Lost Treasures edition. Funny thing is I could have sworn I'd read it before, but none of it was familiar
epeterdJan-21-21 07:35 AM
by epeterd
Story about an orphan who travels t
Long time ago, I read a story about an orphan who is picked up by a English gentleman. This gentleman is killed. The orphan visits the English gentlem
nraaviJan-15-21 06:54 PM
by blamour
Beau, I seem to remember reading something you wrote about "Passin' Through". As I recall, you wrote that your dad had at one point thought to make t
john555Jan-10-21 12:29 AM
by Les Down Under
coffee pots
I'm watching The Streets of San Francisco on the Decades channel. Scene where Karl Malden character's daughter is home from college. She asks how his
epeterdJan-08-21 08:56 PM
by Rick Abreu
Seasons Greetings
It's Christmas Eve down here and as I have four coming to mine for Christmas Lunch (therefore I'll be slightly busy in the morning):7 may I take this
Les Down UnderJan-06-21 11:08 PM
by Mike Shaffer
TD did you e-mail /message me?
When I logged on I got a flag saying there was a message from you for me but when I went to my inbox the last message was almost 12 months old. Les
Les Down UnderJan-05-21 09:06 PM
by Les Down Under
Viet Nam
Itís a bit odd, but typical of me. Since 1968 I have been planning to go back to Viet Nam and recently it dawned on me that the folks I knew there ar
Mike ShafferJan-03-21 06:45 PM
by Mike Shaffer
Welsh Bob
For those of you not following the Facebook posts. Welsh Bob a long term member of this forum lost his wife Babs on Christmas Eve and is now himself
Les Down UnderJan-02-21 07:35 PM
by Les Down Under
Seeking specific story
Greetings folks, Many years ago I read a LíAmour book about a man who had a ranch inside a closed valley. He could access it through a cave. The ranc
JmdycDec-21-20 10:46 PM
by Jmdyc
Modern Weirdness...
So, my son set up my Ipad to sign in using my finger print. Pretty slick except it doesn't work here. So,I had to switch to my old laptop to post th
Mike ShafferDec-08-20 10:19 PM
by john555
Anyone else sleep with a cat? Dang she puts my legs to sleep. My dogs all curled beside me. This is my first cat. Weíve been together for a decade
Mike ShafferDec-05-20 09:03 PM
by john555
Sitting here by the dining room window wondering what to say...and what to read next. Problem is I have to get up. One library is in the space betwe
Mike ShafferDec-04-20 12:25 PM
by john555
Hey everyone
Speaking of this travel business. I do believe that if a person, or several, do travel they should continue to be careful and wash hands, use antibac
Tennessee DaveNov-28-20 11:02 PM
by blamour
Bert Murphy
I am missing Bert and his wife, Martha this morning. For those who came in late, Bert was one of the old and now defunct group of Louis LíAmour fans
Mike ShafferNov-25-20 05:53 PM
by john555
Tatton Chantry
Hi yall. It's past time that I register here, I've been reading Louis for thirty years. I'm currently rereading To the Far Blue Mountains and got a b
Old GorillaNov-21-20 12:26 AM
by cowboybilliards
Bad Westerns
I saw this and figured I'd see what it said about 1970. It's the worst Western from the year you were born, starting in 1930, I think it was. Was a sl
epeterdNov-21-20 12:16 AM
by cowboybilliards
Alert - Fair Blows the Wind
Does anybody know where the mention in FAIR BOLWS THE WIND of the wrecked ship appears? This is the wreck that also shows up in Sackett's Land, the o
blamourNov-21-20 12:09 AM
by cowboybilliards
Back home again...
Kind of interesting traveling home this trip. I didnít make reservations and didnít need any...reminded me of the good olí days...and was a reminder
Mike ShafferNov-19-20 03:27 PM
by Mike Shaffer
Bendigo Shafter
Hey all. I've been reading this one and I can't remember where Ethan Sackett fits into the family tree. I have the Sackett Companion, but it's in stor
epeterdNov-19-20 03:51 AM
by epeterd
Looking for book with this characte
Hello I am looking for a book that had a guy named Emmett chub I for the life of me cannot remember the book
RlrifleNov-18-20 02:59 PM
by Rlrifle
Alex Trebek
RIP Alex. You did a good job for many years.
Tennessee DaveNov-09-20 01:51 PM
by Tennessee Dave
Life after 7 decades
Well, after 12 years near a river in rural Maryland, 8 years in the suburbs of a major city, a year in a combat zone, six months in a top secret facil
Mike ShafferNov-07-20 10:37 AM
by epeterd
The Sackets
Sunday afternoon on INSP channel.
Tennessee DaveNov-01-20 11:41 PM
by Tennessee Dave
Lost Treasures Question for Beau
Hi Beau, In his companion book on Louis, Robert Weinberg lists The Man in the Seersucker Suit, There Are People Like That and Lost Mountain as short
fins68Oct-30-20 04:59 PM
by fins68
Question for Beau
Beau, I have several LL short stories printed by "Sabre Press" dated December 2019. One is "In Victorio's Country" and another is "Jackson of Horntown
SailBoatOct-28-20 10:04 PM
by Falcon
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