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What a wonderful work. It is so abundantly clear how Louis loved the sea. His sentences, phrases, sayings and expressions, sailing terms...all writt
Arkansas ToothpickMay-31-20 05:42 PM
by Arkansas Toothpick
May 22nd 6:00PM Facebook Live!
Join Katherine L'Amour and son Beau on Facebook Live for an entertaining event! Bring your questions and enjoy the conversation! Frida y May 22nd, 202
PaulMay-28-20 07:55 AM
by epeterd
Paul The Race is on.
Yesterday at 9.50 a.m. I ordered an item on line from a large nationwide franchise. It arrived this morning by Courier Post at 8.15 a.m. (Well Done)
Les Down UnderMay-23-20 07:33 AM
by epeterd
Shooting as you point your finger
I was wondering earlier which gun company had moved into Huntsville, AL a few years ago. So I googled it and was reading an article about it. (It was
epeterdMay-18-20 01:24 AM
by Mike Shaffer
LL, Family history and DNA...
...Is both strange and enlightening...LL got me interested in my family history with his stories. What I discovered along the trail is if you follow
Mike ShafferMay-12-20 11:39 AM
by Mike Shaffer
Just checking out the flu epidemic of 1918. It was VERY much like our problem we now have. Like now the second round was worse than the first.
Tennessee DaveMay-08-20 07:27 PM
by Mike Shaffer
Kind of odd that Facebook technology can’t tell spammers from a forgetful old man. It’s probably best if I start writing all the crud needed to log
Mike ShafferMay-08-20 06:46 AM
by epeterd
What do you all think about the unskilled RECENT college grads working in the hospitals? Makes me smirk at what's behind it. Anybody here that's ever
Tennessee DaveMay-07-20 08:38 PM
by Tennessee Dave
It only spent two days on my TBR Li
A copy of Wondrous Times on the Frontier by Dee Brown arrived in my mail on Monday. Took 2 days to get off my TBR pile :7 A load of Vignettes about l
Les Down UnderMay-07-20 01:53 AM
by Mike Shaffer

So, here’s another basic training story... Grenades are your friend. You throw them like a football. I played QB for years on our sandlot team and
Mike ShafferMay-06-20 11:10 PM
by Les Down Under
Monacan Nation needs help...
Just as information. The tribe is fighting an uphill battle. The Army Corps of Engineers is now accepting public comment on a proposed project that
Mike ShafferMay-02-20 09:51 PM
by Mike Shaffer
Hey Beau
Just curious, did LL have a sense of humor? I know he did in his books, sometimes, but what about on occasion? That was the original question but now
Tennessee DaveMay-02-20 09:49 AM
by Tennessee Dave
Anybody remember John Wayne saying, "That'll be the day."? The only movie I recall him saying this was in The Searchers. But when I was a boy in the
Tennessee DaveApr-28-20 07:52 AM
by Tennessee Dave
Hey Les
It's a good thing you didn't get to travel the long distance. This covet 16 is eating up up here. See you in the not too distant future, hopefully. Ta
Tennessee DaveApr-26-20 01:30 AM
by Les Down Under
What is everyone reading right now.
Reading BLUE MOON by Lee Child On deck THE SWAMP FOX by John Oller and FATSO by Arthur Donovan
Mike ShafferApr-26-20 12:51 AM
by jakem33
Well, here we all are. I hope all y’all are behaving yourselves during this pandemic. Not much happening here, but I live with a cat, Storm. Mostl
Mike ShafferApr-23-20 01:18 AM
by Mike Shaffer
Portal into another land
In The Haunted Mesa, L'Amour wrote of a portal into a world of evil. He also wrote a book about a portal into a world of good. Can anyone tell me wh
BryanOneMillionApr-22-20 06:51 PM
by blamour
Great Courses Plus
Anyone here familiar with the Great Courses? It's a large collection of lectures by various professors on a bunch of topics like science, religion, ph
epeterdApr-21-20 11:13 PM
by epeterd
"-------... It is a strange name." "Name of the Zuni rain god. Seemed like every time I showed up in their country it rained, so they called me that f
dseanmatApr-20-20 07:49 PM
by dseanmat
40 Guns
Has anyone seen this movie? It's written and directed by Samuel Fuller, who I think was a much better director than he was a writer. It was consistent
dseanmatApr-20-20 04:58 PM
by dseanmat
Audie Murphy movies
Anybody enjoying all these Audie Murphy movies as much as I am? They are on ion channel. I never did watch AM's movies too much before, but he was a p
Tennessee DaveApr-17-20 12:38 PM
by mesadelvadre8
Working at Fort Detrick after returning from Nam back in the 1960s was a unique experience...long story, so hold on tight. Big building in a secluded
Mike ShafferApr-08-20 05:45 AM
by epeterd
Do you have a favorite 'setting' ?
Hi All, Was talking with a friend the other day and got around to sharing my lifelong experience reading Lamour's westerns. In the course of that con
milkbanditApr-08-20 05:43 AM
by epeterd
Clean mountain air
I was just thinking the other day that with coronavirus around it would be nice to have a place to bug out to. I remembered how LL mentioned in severa
epeterdApr-08-20 03:15 AM
by Rifleman
Beau and Angelique are welcome to t
Who is the most interesting celebrity you ever met. And was it their accomplishments or charisma. I hope Beau and Angelique will join. They should hav
Tennessee DaveApr-08-20 01:36 AM
by Tennessee Dave
Met an old gal once...
She was a former college history professor. To say she was good looking is doing her a disservice. She was a bit of an adventurist at 5’9” tall, bu
Mike ShafferApr-05-20 01:00 PM
by Mike Shaffer
Arkansas Toothpick
Hey buddy are you still visiting? Need to check something out before I come your way next year. Les Every sixty seconds you spend angry, upset or
Les Down UnderApr-04-20 04:41 PM
by Tennessee Dave
Hey everyone
Is the forum staying unusually quiet or are my pages hung up?
Tennessee DaveMar-23-20 12:26 AM
by Les Down Under
Regarding Character Named Neisha
I was named after a character in one of Louis L'Amour's novels. My mother kept the book for years, but she has passed away and I cannot find the book
NeishaMar-14-20 05:51 PM
by Les Down Under
Christchurch new Zealand
Lee, just saw a travel special about Christchurch. There was some very interesting stuff there to see. There was a restaurant that serves food in pneu
Tennessee DaveMar-06-20 09:08 PM
by Tennessee Dave
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