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Footnote & Reference - In which b
Anyone know which book has a reference to and a footnote about English seamen who were put ashore due to low supplies on the ship near New Orleans (I
zigzug64Feb-13-23 06:56 PM
by john555
sackett brand
anyone know what the Sackett cattle cow brand was?
wahudad1Nov-15-19 05:43 PM
by Les Down Under
BEAU Leatherette collection
I received a large number of the leatherette books as a present. The thought was that it was the complete collection. I am not sure it is and would li
UPmqtcowboyFeb-05-24 05:22 PM
by blamour
Help me find this story
I vaguely remember reading a story, I think it was Louis L'Amour, where the characters rode thru a creek (maybe even a waterfall) to a hidden spot. Th
UnknownSackettNov-06-19 03:12 PM
by mesadelvadre8
No Traveller Returns
I bought the paperback at Wal Mart in Vidalia, LA last week. Read the first few pages sitting directly across the River from Natchez Under the Hill.
UnknownSackettOct-09-19 11:25 PM
by UnknownSackett
Paul or Beau download problem
Hey guys, I hope y'all are doing well. I am having a problem downloading my most recent purchase. I purchased the mp3 download of "Keep Traveling,
UnknownSackettJun-22-20 08:59 PM
by UnknownSackett
Which book is this from?
At the end of one of the books there is a final paragraph where the character says he has hung up his guns and hopes to not have to use them again but
tx1_lamourfanJul-01-20 03:28 AM
by tx1_lamourfan
Leatherette printed upside down
Has anyone heard of any of the leatherette hardcovers that is printed upside down?
Tom MasonAug-11-20 01:21 AM
by Hal Hall
Beau: Biography Project
Just a quick question to see how the LL Biography project is coming along? Any idea on when it may be published? Thanks.
TOMNov-07-22 04:08 PM
by TOM
Hey everyone
Is the forum staying unusually quiet or are my pages hung up?
Tennessee DaveMar-23-20 12:26 AM
by Les Down Under
The Carridine clan
Saw The Cowboys tonight with Robert Carridine, then what do you know, the old man comes on next in The True Story of Jesse James. And I've been watch
Tennessee DaveSep-06-19 11:59 PM
by Les Down Under
Ride the River
I haven't read this one in a while and it happens to be one of my favorites. I like the story generally, it having the chantry family making a promine
Tennessee DaveAug-30-19 12:19 PM
by mesadelvadre8
Tom Selleck
Saw TS on his commercial for home sale, getting your money now and they get the home later. Anyway, TS was walking up to the camera I noticed he was n
Tennessee DaveSep-17-19 06:01 PM
by milkbandit
Hey Les
Sorry man, forgot to enquire about your health. How are you amigo?
Tennessee DaveSep-02-19 11:50 PM
by Tennessee Dave
Ruth Roman
I can't remember which LL movie she was in where she had main scenes with Ben Johnson; great moviee. Lately though I've seen her in many westerns set
Tennessee DaveSep-08-19 07:01 PM
by Tennessee Dave
Audie Murphy movies
Anybody enjoying all these Audie Murphy movies as much as I am? They are on ion channel. I never did watch AM's movies too much before, but he was a p
Tennessee DaveApr-17-20 12:38 PM
by mesadelvadre8
Comments on "Tucker"
Started reading Tucker again and I just noticed something, LL wrote about normal happenings of a person's life and mental workings. For example, on th
Tennessee DaveOct-27-19 04:23 PM
by Tennessee Dave
Writers and writers
I've read about several writers and the one thing I've found they have in common is that they all have lived interesting lives. Louis L'Amour certainl
Tennessee DaveDec-14-19 08:25 PM
by Mike Shaffer
Happy Thanksgiving
To everyone! ☺☺☺ ;
Tennessee DaveNov-30-19 02:20 PM
by Derek
Help me out here with "Reilly's Lu
I've been trying to cast the character Will Reilly but I can't get it right. The character would have to be very personable, and of course at the sam
Tennessee DaveJan-04-20 11:30 AM
by mesadelvadre8
Hey Les
I was just watching Pete Watson and his crew talking about the volcano erupting. Sorry for all the folks missing, and also your NZ people. It's a ter
Tennessee DaveDec-11-19 12:11 PM
by mesadelvadre8
"Special " LL books
My mother told me yesterday that she came across a LL book that I gave her many years ago. It was 'Galloway'. I spoken about my mother putting her ini
Tennessee DaveDec-28-19 01:48 AM
by Falcon
I waited a bit too late to wish all a happy Thanksgiving but I'll not be late on this one!😁 MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR. T
Tennessee DaveJan-02-20 03:28 PM
by dseanmat
Aussie wildfires
I just saw where over 1 BILLION animals have perished in the wildfires of Australia. So very sad.
Tennessee DaveJan-13-20 02:30 PM
by mesadelvadre8
Congrats to Jennings
Ken Jennings, the greatest Jeopardy player of all time!!! CONGRATULATI ONS!!!
Tennessee DaveJan-15-20 12:05 PM
by Tennessee Dave
Yo, Les
Les, I sent you my email, twice, in a private message. Did you get it?
Tennessee DaveFeb-14-20 10:55 PM
by Les Down Under
Live at the Ryman
Country music: Live at the Ryman Been watching this Ken Burns special with the best singers today. Right now it's Holly Williams, Hank's granddaughter
Tennessee DaveMar-04-20 04:31 AM
by Mike Shaffer
Christchurch new Zealand
Lee, just saw a travel special about Christchurch. There was some very interesting stuff there to see. There was a restaurant that serves food in pneu
Tennessee DaveMar-06-20 09:08 PM
by Tennessee Dave
A question
Is anyone wearing protective gear against the Caronavirus? I keep my mask and gloves in my truck, especially for when I go to Wal-Mart, being in my si
Tennessee DaveSep-24-20 07:08 PM
by john555
Beau and Angelique are welcome to t
Who is the most interesting celebrity you ever met. And was it their accomplishments or charisma. I hope Beau and Angelique will join. They should hav
Tennessee DaveApr-08-20 01:36 AM
by Tennessee Dave
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