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So, here’s another basic training story... Grenades are your friend. You throw them like a football. I played QB for years on our sandlot team and
Mike ShafferMay-06-20 11:10 PM
by Les Down Under
YONDERING question for Beau...
Seems like I only post about YONDERING... Beau, given the development of of this book over the years, what was the rational of including MOON OF THE
CarcosaNov-26-19 12:34 AM
by blamour
Yo, Les
Les, I sent you my email, twice, in a private message. Did you get it?
Tennessee DaveFeb-14-20 10:55 PM
by Les Down Under
Years and years ago I had some poetry published, as had a friend. So he and I decided to try our hand at a novel. When it came my turn I changed the
Mike ShafferJul-21-21 03:17 AM
by epeterd
Writers and writers
I've read about several writers and the one thing I've found they have in common is that they all have lived interesting lives. Louis L'Amour certainl
Tennessee DaveDec-14-19 08:25 PM
by Mike Shaffer
Wishing all a Very Happy Holiday!
Hope your Christmas' were great and your New Year is as well! Paul
PaulDec-31-22 11:48 PM
by Les Down Under
Which L'Amour novel is this quote f
-Hi all, I'm 60 and reading Louis L'Amour for the first time—a great little collection of stories called "Riding For The Brand." I've seen this quot
ghulseDec-03-22 06:26 PM
by Les Down Under
Which book is this from?
At the end of one of the books there is a final paragraph where the character says he has hung up his guns and hopes to not have to use them again but
tx1_lamourfanJul-01-20 03:28 AM
by tx1_lamourfan
Which book had a mine into a tower
I know I read a book where the main character was mining gold from the base of a tower. He was afraid it would fall the entire time and even paved a p
GorillaFeb-07-21 05:33 PM
by Gorilla
Where should we draw the line?
Just watched The Professionals" last night. It was promoted and has to my mind always been referred to as a Western. Set during the Mexican Revoluti
Les Down UnderMar-14-21 11:05 PM
by thelegand45
When and Where?
I just completed reading "Meeting at Falmouth" again and it's unexpected ending. I was wondering when and where it was first published?
CougarSFC90Feb-29-20 11:53 PM
by Les Down Under

Since it’s been awhile and I am sitting near the dining room bookcase I see the book, but haven’t a clue what it is...gotta get my dead butt up...wait
Mike ShafferMay-01-21 02:10 AM
by Les Down Under
Whatcha reading?
Just finished an old Perry Mason novel that I had read a few times, so decided to look at a Louis LAmour novel I haven’t read for awhile…which is a co
Mik ShafferAug-19-23 11:41 PM
by 3rdGen
What is everyone reading right now.
Reading BLUE MOON by Lee Child On deck THE SWAMP FOX by John Oller and FATSO by Arthur Donovan
Mike ShafferApr-26-20 12:51 AM
by jakem33
What are you reading?
I've just finished reading the novel Andersonville by MacKinlay Kantor, about the infamous Civil War prison for Union soldiers. Best book I've read i
ChrisEnglandDec-09-19 04:26 PM
by mesadelvadre8
Welsh Bob
For those of you not following the Facebook posts. Welsh Bob a long term member of this forum lost his wife Babs on Christmas Eve and is now himself
Les Down UnderJan-02-21 07:35 PM
by Les Down Under
Welcome Back!
Guess technically this is kinda like giving yourself a nickname; you're not really supposed to do it. But I have decided to welcome myself back to the
epeterdFeb-26-20 03:26 AM
by epeterd
We are almost there.
Monday 8th of June. NZ has 0 active cases of Covid 19. 1504 people in NZ had the disease 22 people died As of midnight last night we enter Level 1.
Les Down UnderJun-09-20 03:28 AM
by epeterd
Viet Nam
It’s a bit odd, but typical of me. Since 1968 I have been planning to go back to Viet Nam and recently it dawned on me that the folks I knew there ar
Mike ShafferJan-03-21 06:45 PM
by Mike Shaffer
What do you all think about the unskilled RECENT college grads working in the hospitals? Makes me smirk at what's behind it. Anybody here that's ever
Tennessee DaveMay-07-20 08:38 PM
by Tennessee Dave
Two of this year's movies ...
If you are interested in the life and times of Louis L'Amour and his family there are two good films out this year that touch on the environment that
blamourDec-05-19 12:11 PM
by blamour
TV episodes and wanna be episodes..
Just watched a episode of 'Tales of Wells Fargo' called 'The Wade Place', and in the credits was based on a short story by Louis L'Amour. No other
mesadelvadre8Sep-05-19 01:32 AM
by Les Down Under
Trying to find story or novel
As I recall. A man is sitting in an eating place. A woman is arguing with a different man. She has come west to marry the man but sees him beating his
NrpardeeMar-23-24 07:00 AM0360
Trail to the Seven Pines book
I am in search of the leather bound (not leatherette) with the gold leafing on the edges of the pages Trail to the Seven Pines book. I want to make my
aeparrish76Nov-16-19 01:19 AM
by Les Down Under
Tom Selleck
Saw TS on his commercial for home sale, getting your money now and they get the home later. Anyway, TS was walking up to the camera I noticed he was n
Tennessee DaveSep-17-19 06:01 PM
by milkbandit
Titles with Logan Sackett
Which books have Logan Sackett in it?
chilipepperkidJan-10-20 11:22 PM
by chilipepperkid
Time Periods of Novels
Has anyone ever noticed that the time periods for the Sackett stories given in "The Sackett Companion" do not match up too well with the time periods
john555Aug-18-20 11:26 AM
by john555
Beau, it looks to me like TWD was published about four years before you dad passed. In the Author's Note at the end, he writes that he intended two o
john555Apr-16-21 12:01 AM
by john555
The Sackets
Sunday afternoon on INSP channel.
Tennessee DaveNov-01-20 11:41 PM
by Tennessee Dave
The Romance of Piute Bill
No one should ever say that L'Amour was not an author of romance lest they be haunted by the ghost of Piute Bill.
john555Jun-05-21 10:27 AM
by john555
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