The Diamond of Jeru

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STARRING: Billy Zane, Keith Carradine, Paris Jefferson, Jackson Raine, and Piripi Waretini as "Jeru"

DIRECTED BY: Ian Barry and Dick Lowry

WRITEN BY: Beau L'Amour

Hunting treasure is not always about getting rich!

Mike Kardec lost almost everything, including his life, on his last trip into the wild inland mountains of Borneo.Gone are his canoe, his kit and a fortune in raw diamonds. Billy Zane stars as the down on his luck adventurer whose only goal now is to make enough money to leave the island of Borneo and return home. With the arrival of the John and Helen Lacklan (Keith Carradine and Paris Jefferson) his fortunes seem to have changed. Their search for a diamond to put in Helen's wedding ring requires an expert back country guide and Kardec is just the man. But jealousy and the lure of an infamous 20 Karat diamond have delivered the beautiful Helen Laklan and her husband right into the hands the notorious head hunter Jeru!

The Diamond of Jeru Movie Gallery
Billy Zane .... Mike Kardec
Keith Carradine .... John Lacklan
Paris Jefferson .... Helen Lacklan
Jackson Raine .... Raj
Piripi Waretini .... Jeru
Khoa Do .... Dyak Boy
Peter Carroll .... Clifton Vandover
Wi Kuki Ka .... Inghai

Approximate Running Time:
1 hour 35 minutes
Color 2001

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