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"Over the years I have been proud to write about the men and women of the American frontier. But I have written many stories with entirely different settings which I have long wanted to share with my readers.

"I have collected some of these in YONDERING. They are glimpses of what my own life was like during the early years. Those were the rough years; often I was hungry, out of work and facing situations such as I have written about.

"Although these stories take place in a variety of locales, they are stories of people living under conditions similar to the way they might have lived on the frontier. I hope you'll enjoy YONDERING."

--Louis L'Amour

This collection includes:
Where There's Fighting • The Dancing Kate • By the Ruins of 'El Walarieh • Glorious Glorious • Dead-End Drift • Old Doc Yak • Survival • And Proudly Die • Show Me the Way to Go Home • Thicker Than Blood • The Admiral • Shanghai, Not Without Gestures • The Man Who Stole Shakespeare • A Friend of the General • Author's Tea • So You Want Adventure, Do You • Let Me Forget...

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