The Hills of Homicide

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For the first time in book form, here is a collection of Louis L'Amour detective stories--vivid tales as memorable and exciting as his beloved frontier fiction. Each story is personally selected, with an introduction, by the Louis.

In the dark alleys of the pulsing cities and the savage criminal wilderness, Louis L'Amour introduces a new brand of characters: men like Kip Morgan, the ex-fighter turned detective who is tough enough to bounce a bouncer, yet has more up his sleeve than sheer muscle; Joe Ragan, dedicated career cop who fears nothing in the pursuit of justice; and women whose soft laughter covers their underlying cruelty.

These are fast-moving stories of brawls where once a man goes down and doesn't get up fast enough he's through, of flashing knives that whisper death, of guns that blaze their fatal file through the blackest nights.

This collection includes:
The Hills of Homicide • Unguarded Moment • Dead Man's Trail • With Death in His Corner • The Street of Lost Corpses • Stay Out of My Nightmare • Collect From a Corpse • I Hate to Tell His Widow

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