The Louis L'Amour Companion (By Robert Weinberg)

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The Louis L'Amour Companion chronicles the extraordinary life and career of America's favorite storyteller, from his early days as a pulp fiction writer to his well-earned place as one of history's bestselling authors.

Biographical sketches, rare out-of-print articles and interviews, previously unpublished correspondence, and personal recollections and reviews by fellow writers such as Harlan Ellison, Ed Gorman, and Judith Tarr reveal as never before the larger-than-life story of the real man behind the legnedary fiction. Inside you'll find a treasure trove of information unavailable in any other single source, including:

  • A chronology of L'Amour's novels and short stories, including synopses, publication dates, and histories
  • A listing of rare, still uncollected (as of the 1992 publication date of this book) L'Amour stories
  • A checklist of L'Amour novels and stories adapted to film, television and audiotape (again as of the 1992 publication date)
  • Rare photos of Louis, memories, memorabilia and much more . . .

For both collectors and fans fo Louis L'Amour's great fiction, The Louis L'Amour Companion is the next best thing to sitting beside the campfire with your favorite storyteller.


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