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Subject: "A book called SACKETT'S GOLD?" Locked thread - Read only
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"A book called SACKETT'S GOLD?"
   According to a letter which Louis wrote to one of his fans in 1980:

"There is no SACKETT'S GOLD. That title was announced as the title of a book soon to be out but the title would have been wrong. It was published as BORDEN CHANTRY. The first title was not my idea. The pub. wished to announce a book of mine and I hadn't a title, so he used that. It has caused you, me and a lot of others trouble. Sorry."

This is a phenomenon that happens with writers that write very quickly and often have several books in the works at one time. Sometimes the books don't have titles yet and sometimes other books get finished first and published in place of the originally announced book.

To our knowledge there has NEVER been a book published called "Sackett's Gold."

As Louis said, Sorry!

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