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Subject: "What's ROWDIE RIDES TO GLORY?" Locked thread - Read only
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Rowdy Rides to Glory is a short story that is published as part of the short story collection called LONIGAN (http://www.louislamour.com/shortstory/lonigan.htm). At one time, Rowdy Rides to Glory was printed as a separate book and given as a gift to the members of the Louis L'Amour Leatherette Book Collection. It was a special printing only for those members of the Collection that had completed the collection. That is they had received, kept, and paid for every book in the Louis L'Amour Collection at that time. It was never intended to become part of the collection and is NOT part of the collection. It was also never published as a separate book for retail sale and as such we don't list it on our web site. We don't have it for sale. It was one of the perks of being one of the first members to complete the collection. That is a pretty small group and Rowdy was intended to be a collectable for them.

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