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Subject: "Chantry Talon Kilkenny Reading Orde" Locked thread - Read only
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"Chantry Talon Kilkenny Reading Orde"
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A recommended reading order:

The Kilkenny Stories
a. West Of Dodge (West Of Dodge)
b. A Gun For Kilkenny (Dutchman’s Flat)
1. The Rider Of Lost Creek
2. The Mountain Valley War
3. Kilkenny
c. Monument Rock (Monument Rock)

Chantry Stories
1. Fair Blows The Wind
2. The Fergusson Rifle
3. Over On The Dry Side
4. Bordon Chantry
5. North To The Rails

Talon stories
1. Rivers West
2. The Man from The Broken Hills
3. Milo Talon
4. Ride The Dark Trail

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