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Subject: "The Louis L'Amour Western Magazine?" Locked thread - Read only
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"The Louis L'Amour Western Magazine?"
   In 1994 and 1995 twelve issues of the Louis LíAmour Western Magazine were published. It was released bimonthly and contained short stories of the old and new west by both novice authors and old pros, articles on western history and travel, photographs and art. Just as the LíAmour family was planning to expand itís format into news and editorials on current issues in the west and add more stories and travel materials, The parent company decided to sell the whole Dell Magazines division. Rather than have the magazine go to a new owner who would perhaps not retain itís quality, the LíAmours decided to shut down operations with the hope of restarting at sometime in the future. At the time of itís demise Louis LíAmour Western Magazine was quite successful, with over 130,000 subscribers.

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