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Welcome to The Louis L'Amour Trading Post Retailer Services.


About Selling Louis L'Amour Books, Audio Books and Merchandise:

Ordering From The Louis L'Amour Trading Post

International Retailers

Discounts: The Louis L'Amour Trading Post offers discounts off retail prices to our authorized wholesale customers, based on the volume of product ordered from our online catalog. Discounts are based on the retail price set by the Publisher though we do sometimes offer special deals on our exclusive items including our hats, tee-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.

Shipping: When you establish your Louis L'Amour Trading Post Wholesale account, you will be offered one of several different delivery options. We generally ship via US Postal Service or UPS though special arrangements can be made for Fedex or other carriers upon request. We can accomodate shipments of any size from our warehouse in Fall City, WA.

Becoming a Customer: Please contact our Retail Services Manager, Paul O'Dell during regular business hours Pacific time for more information about becoming a wholesale customer and establishing an account with us. He can be reached at:

The Louis L'Amour Trading Post
4445 356th Drive SE
Fall City, WA 98024

(425) 392-5023




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