The Louis L'Amour Theater
Returns to the Airwaves!

Exciting Western action and adventure brought to life and broadcast on a radio station near you!

Specially edited versions of our extremely popular Audio Dramas have been picked up by national radio syndicator Transmedia. Now The Louis L'Amour Theater shows can be heard on over 150 stations from coast to coast, in Canada and globally via World Space Satellite as a part of IMAGINATION THEATER.

These award winning programs set the standard for modern radio entertainment by providing original scripts, big name Hollywood talent, music, sound effects, exciting promotions and fun giveaways!

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Check the STATION GUIDE for dates and times that IMAGINATION THEATER is being broadcast on a station near you.

Can't find a local station?! Call your favorite radio station and tell them you want your Louis L'Amour Theater. Recommend the station manager contact Transmedia at

(Photos of Beau and Paul from the production of Merrano of the Dry Country)