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"I don't want to let go"
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i guess i am somewhat sentimental. the older i get, the more i think about the past and things gone by, people who are gone.

just now a strange thing happened. i was napping and i woke suddenly with a strong sense of Louis and his autobiography, 'education of a wandering man'

as i recall that book came out the year he died, 1988. (or very close) i read that book several times in the late 80s and early 90s. still have it, been a while since i re-read it. but here's my point:

i don't WANT to let go. i don't WANT certain things to drift into oblivion. i resent that the 'new' world culture is burying our past under tiktok videos and silly memes on facebook. all that crap is so pointless to me. the 20th century was a grand one, good and bad, but certainly huge in stature and wide-ranging in its power and effects on people(s) and the planet. why does that have to die off? i don't get it.

yes i suppose it's counterintuitive to resist change too much. yeah i get that. but again, i don't WANT the old things to be just gone forever. i want to keep old traditions and topics alive, ALONG SIDE the new stuff. problem is (IMO) the new culture wants nothing to do with old things/traditions/events.

i am growing older. i have a few years left and i vow that for the rest of MY TIME here on this earth i will just resign to live in my little bubble, one rife with old-world vibes and rich with memories of people, places, and ideas/cultures which MATTER ENOUGH TO BE PRESERVED, even if that only means they are preserved in a limited fashion, within my tiny bubble.

in the end, i suspect, memories are all we are left with. that is how it feels for me, anyway. i gotta say, i like my memories. i have lived a good life, one i am thankful for. Louis and his books were/are a big part of that life i lived. i'm not ready to let go...

not yet.


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