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#0, I don't want to let go
Posted by milkbandit on 01-22-24 at 10:33 AM
LAST EDITED ON 01-22-24 AT 10:35 AM (Pacific Time)
i guess i am somewhat sentimental. the older i get, the more i think about the past and things gone by, people who are gone.

just now a strange thing happened. i was napping and i woke suddenly with a strong sense of Louis and his autobiography, 'education of a wandering man'

as i recall that book came out the year he died, 1988. (or very close) i read that book several times in the late 80s and early 90s. still have it, been a while since i re-read it. but here's my point:

i don't WANT to let go. i don't WANT certain things to drift into oblivion. i resent that the 'new' world culture is burying our past under tiktok videos and silly memes on facebook. all that crap is so pointless to me. the 20th century was a grand one, good and bad, but certainly huge in stature and wide-ranging in its power and effects on people(s) and the planet. why does that have to die off? i don't get it.

yes i suppose it's counterintuitive to resist change too much. yeah i get that. but again, i don't WANT the old things to be just gone forever. i want to keep old traditions and topics alive, ALONG SIDE the new stuff. problem is (IMO) the new culture wants nothing to do with old things/traditions/events.

i am growing older. i have a few years left and i vow that for the rest of MY TIME here on this earth i will just resign to live in my little bubble, one rife with old-world vibes and rich with memories of people, places, and ideas/cultures which MATTER ENOUGH TO BE PRESERVED, even if that only means they are preserved in a limited fashion, within my tiny bubble.

in the end, i suspect, memories are all we are left with. that is how it feels for me, anyway. i gotta say, i like my memories. i have lived a good life, one i am thankful for. Louis and his books were/are a big part of that life i lived. i'm not ready to let go...

not yet.


#1, RE: I don't want to let go
Posted by Sackettter8 on 01-23-24 at 11:44 AM
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Very well said Bandit, your words are encouraging but well heeded as to what this generation has come too. I know we aren't supposed to talk politics, but this society needs to be respectful and mindful of things to come. Were a country afire from within and I too miss the forum of old. A few of the old timers have passed on and I remember all the discussions on Louis and his adventures, allowing us to ride along as he put pen and paper to another great tale of the west.

#2, RE: I don't want to let go
Posted by blamour on 02-05-24 at 12:29 PM
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Try -- https://www.thefedoralounge.com -- from the outside it looks like it's all about appearal but once you are registered and into the forums it's all about every aspect of the 20th century. And it's a very lively forum, it's suffered very little from social media draining away posters!

#3, RE: I don't want to let go
Posted by john555 on 02-29-24 at 07:44 PM
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Well said. This was brought home to my wife and me about 10 years ago. We inherited some of her grandmother's furniture. It was not real fancy but it was good solid wooden furniture manufactured in Michigan. We decided to get it restored and found a couple of gents that did that sort of thing. In talking to one of them, he told us that many of
the younger generations no longer wanted solid wood furniture. It was all IKEA now. Too bad. When they finished the restoration, we had some beautiful furniture. Fortunately we have a few nephews and nieces that will appreciate these pieces when we are gone. But, they are a minority. I'm sure that one day what's old will be new again but how much will be lost in the meantime?