The Collected Short Stories of Louis L'Amour The Frontier Stories - Volume VII

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Read by Jason Culp
3 1/2 Hours on 3 CDs

In Louis L'Amour's frontier stories, the American West is the crucible in which character is tested, reputations are won or lost, and life always hangs in the balance. Struggling to survive against the elements, hostile Indians, or outlaws who prey upon the honest and hardworking, the men and women in these tales each come face-to-face with what they're made of—often in moments that explode with the violence of an avalanche or the speed of a drawn gun. Here L'Amour demonstrates the unerring touch for detail and keen insight into human nature that lend these stories the power to thrill, surprise, and entertain listeners of every generation.
Here are stories of honest thieves and crooked lawmen, of dream chasers and treasure hunters, of men and women hoping for a second chance and others down to their last. This rich and varied cast embodies not only the spirit of the West but the timeless struggle of the best and worst in us all, on a stage as big as the frontier itself. Full of suspense, mystery, adventure, this remarkable collection has everything that's earned Louis L'Amour his well-deserved reputation as America's favorite storyteller.

This collection includes:
West is Where the Heart Is • A Man Named Utah • Bluff Creek Station • No Rest for the Wicked • Mistakes Can Kill You • Murphy Plays His Hand • Trail to Squaw Springs


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