Heller in Pink Tights

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Paramount Pictures

STARRING: Sophia Loren, Anthony Quinn, and Margaret O'Brien

DIRECTED BY: George Cukor

They'd rather draw a crowd than a six-gun!

Based on a Louis L'Amour novel, Heller in Pink Tights struts onto the screen with a sass and shimmy that shows how the West was fun! Sophia Loren and Anthony Quinn play members of the Healy Dramatic Co., an itinerant theatrical troupe struggling to stay one step ahead of the bill collector as it travels from mining camps to cowtowns. Come sleet, snow, or hail of bullets, the Healy show must go on! And go on it does in this witty, colorful romp directed by George Cukor (My Fair Lady) and scripted by Dudley Nichols (Bringing up Baby) and Walter Bernstein (Semi-Tough).

Sophia Loren .... Angela Rossini
Anthony Quinn .... Tom Healy
Margaret O'Brien .... Della Southby
Steve Forrest .... Clint Mabry
Eileen Heckart .... Mrs. Lorna Hathaway
Ramon Novarro .... De Leon
Edmund Lowe .... Manfred 'Doc' Montague
George Mathews .... Sam Pierce
Ed Binns .... Sheriff Ed McClain
Warren Wade .... Hodges, a Creditor
Frank Silvera .... Santis, a Miner
Robert Palmer .... McAllister
Leo V. Matranga .... 2nd Gunslinger
Cal Bolder .... Goober, De Leon's Man
Taggart Casey .... 1st Gunslinger

Approxomate Running Time:
1 hour 41 minutes
Color 1960