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Top The Louis L'Amour Corrections, Errors, Typos, etc...
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Help us identify errors, typos, etc
Find a misspelling, typo, or glaring error in logic in one of Louis' books? Well this is the place to let us know. We'll compile the list and get it
Paul J ODellJan-03-22 07:08 PM
by cowboybilliards
Sackett, Echo
The Sackett Companion, p. 339: Between Sackett, Daubeny and Sackett, Emily, add "Sackett, Echo 87". P. 337, between Hidden Valley and Highland Bay,
FreemanJun-24-14 12:20 AM
by SailBoat
Here Ends the Trail
In this short story in the leatherette edition of Monument Rock, in "Here Ends the Trail", LL mentions the 'Big Band' area in the third paragraph. I t
SailBoatMay-19-14 03:53 PM
by SailBoat
Correction to "The Rider of the Rub
On page 89, in the leatherette edition of 'The Rider of the Ruby Hills', near the top of the page, Ross says, "I head some shooting". It should be "H
SailBoatJul-08-14 12:20 AM
by SailBoat
Fair Blows the Wind/To the Far Blue
when I very first started reading these novels, not having access to any websites and before I had The Sackett Companion, I always thought of Fair Blo
logansackettMay-22-16 09:02 AM
by cowboybilliards
The First Fast Draw
Cullen Baker is at his cabin 3 men come up 1. Colonel 2. Joel Reese 3. John Tower on page 17 of the Louis L'Amour Collection book it says "What's th
UnknownSackettDec-26-15 07:29 PM
by UnknownSackett
Regan of the Slash B
The Collected Short Stories Volume 3. Paperback Regan of the Slash B. Pg 295 (top of page) Stripped to the waist....he walked out and handed hi
UnknownSackettJan-09-16 02:09 PM
by UnknownSackett
This is probably been covered but..
The Daybreakers: Pg 113, folkds should be folks The Skyliners: Pg 34, Colby.Rafin should be Colby Rafin (without the period) Mustang Man: Pg 133, ta
cowboybilliardsFeb-20-16 09:42 PM
by cowboybilliards
Sacketts Land
High guys I noticed what I consider a slip on page 128(leatherette edition)Last pages of chapter 16. Discussion between Barnabas and Abigail where th
Les Down UnderJun-24-16 08:15 PM
by Les Down Under
Typo on page 302 of the leatherette book Chapter 33 final sentence on the page reads "f a SCARED fire will make you happy. Should be If a SACRED fir
Les Down UnderJul-12-16 04:44 AM
by Les Down Under
The Empty Land Typo
From leatherette edition Page 17 Chapter three Second last paragraph reads After one scramble with rustlers and two Kiowas, he brought the cattle in
Les Down UnderOct-23-16 04:07 AM
by Les Down Under
How the West was Won
Typo on page 150 (Leatherette edition) last pages of The War Section. Zeb has just arrived home and is discussing going west with Jeremiah. Zeb grinne
Les Down UnderJan-02-17 11:03 PM
by Les Down Under
Down Paagumene Way
In From the Listening Hills pages 60 to 63 On Page 60 Cowan is tied hand and foot on page 61 when the fight starts he is still tied only gets one han
Les Down UnderFeb-07-17 06:40 PM
by Les Down Under
Reilly's Luck typos
In leatherette edition page201 Chapter 24 third line reads center; the corwn of her head. Should be crown. The next sentence reads cut almost like a
Les Down UnderFeb-27-17 09:56 PM
by Les Down Under
Kilkenny Series
In Kilkenny (paperback version on pg. 22), it reads, "The following year they met again in the cedar breaks of New Mexico where Kilkenny had been tryi
bradleydMay-10-17 03:11 AM
by bradleyd
Ride the Dark Trail
What I consider an error on page 43 (Leatherette) second last line of Chapter five when Logan enters Browns hole. It opens "I was hunting trouble" my
Les Down UnderMar-24-21 12:09 AM
by cowboybilliards
In Authors note The fine art of rustling editorial issue in 3rd paragraph 1st sentence has repeated words out of order and context "were not officiall
Les Down UnderJun-11-17 06:18 PM
by Les Down Under
Milo Talon two typos
Leatherette edition Chapter 11 Page 82 third paragraph Reads I'd get a good meal and a chance to LAV up for a bit. Should be LAY UP Chapter 18 page
Les Down UnderJul-04-17 06:53 PM
by Les Down Under
Leatherette edition Editorial issue on page 71. The last sentence of the third paragraph reads " my hunch was they'd cut out for Cheyenne, spend some
Les Down UnderJul-22-17 09:03 PM
by Les Down Under
Editing issue on pages 47 to 50 in Leatherette version (end of Chapter 5) section opens "At a back table in one of Corrine's nineteen saloons" The su
Les Down UnderAug-28-17 09:14 PM
by Les Down Under
Taggart Typo
Leatherette edition Page 13 chapter 2 5th sentence in 8th Paragraph Reads Taggart dd not mean to be taken (no I in did.) Les I am not going to get
Les Down UnderNov-25-17 09:42 PM
by Les Down Under
1. Page 70 additional spacing needed to denote change of scene between para 2 and 3 "Almost instantly he was sleeping". needs double space before "M
Les Down UnderDec-03-17 12:35 AM
by Les Down Under
The Man from Skibbereen
Page 104 there is a timeline ambiguity.Second to last Paragraph on the page "He's mean, no two ways about it. You'll know this time tomorrow." This d
Les Down UnderDec-03-17 09:03 PM
by Les Down Under
Reilly's Luck Typo
Chapter 24 Second sentence crown is spelled Corwn "center; the corwn of her head" Les I am not going to get technical but chemistry says that alcoh
Les Down UnderDec-20-17 07:54 PM
by Les Down Under
The Walking Drum
Typo Page 397 (Leatherette Edition) Second last sentence of chapter 53. Reads working materials t% t I had seen. Needs "THAT" I had seen. Les If yo
Les Down UnderFeb-08-18 11:45 PM
by Les Down Under
Taggart Typo
Leatherette Edition page 132 second last paragraph. Reads He felt his SHIFT being torn open and someone else was tearing his pants leg. Should read
Les Down UnderFeb-24-18 02:12 AM
by Les Down Under
Typo Silver Canyon
Leatherette Edition page 58 4th line from bottom of page reads but a blacksmith, carpenter,HOLSTER, and a bit of anything. I think the word HOLSTER s
Les Down UnderNov-13-18 12:20 AM
by Les Down Under
Milo Talon editorial / continuity.
Leatherette Edition Page 61 6th paragraph reads "and not a boot-heel, but a shoe" and then on Page 62 Last long paragraph reads "near the bank where f
Les Down UnderNov-16-18 08:28 PM
by Les Down Under
Fallon is UNDER the hotel (pg. 163) He sank back on the cool earth and looked up into the darkness that was the underside of the floor above (pg. 164
UnknownSackettNov-29-18 01:03 AM
by UnknownSackett
To The Far Blue Mountains
Have read dozens of LL books. Just finished To The Far Blue Mountains for the second time. I wish the last line of the story was: "She suddenly sat
jsg0753Dec-05-18 02:10 PM
by jsg0753
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