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Beau L'Amour
Hi! Been a big fan of your dad's books for over thirty years or so. I collect paperback covers and orig. paperback artwork. My question is if there
ebrumaginJul-07-24 02:48 PM
by blamour
following Louis' trails
Is anyone interested in following the trails described in his stories? I retired a few years ago and started with Nevada and California. I am thinking
donmac846Jun-22-24 01:38 PM0431
Need A "Specific" L'Amour Paperback:
This may be an impossible ask or task, but here goes.... Years ago a friend showed me a L'Amour paperback, that had a small section on a gentleman na
rah4736Jun-06-24 05:13 PM
by Paul
New here
I’m new to these forums and wanted to say hello to all here. It’s a great pleasure to be able to connect with everyone and celebrate Louis Lamour
Ty_BrooksJun-02-24 01:32 PM
by milkbandit
Trying to find story or novel
As I recall. A man is sitting in an eating place. A woman is arguing with a different man. She has come west to marry the man but sees him beating his
NrpardeeJun-01-24 04:31 PM
by john555
Flagan & Galloway
Hi, In the book Galloway we read that Flagan and Galloway are from Denney's Gap. I cannot find this place on the map. Anyone on here who knows wher
egilbogMay-12-24 11:50 PM
by Les Down Under
Book Title Inquiry
Good evening, I read one of a Louis L'Amour's novels while still in high school, in the mid 1970s, that I recall really enjoying for its fast pace
DeaconMay-09-24 05:12 AM01633
Future Lost Treasures editions?
Beau, are other titles in the pipeline for future Lost Treasures editions? These insights into your father's creativity are wonderful. Would love to
fanninmanApr-05-24 10:53 PM
by fanninman
THE HAUNTED MESA audio....Beau?
I think you had mentioned once that THE HAUNTED MESA was unlikely to get an audio release, and I'm hoping that we could twist your arm to consider oth
Carcosa2004Mar-31-24 01:12 AM
by blamour
I don't want to let go
i guess i am somewhat sentimental. the older i get, the more i think about the past and things gone by, people who are gone. just now a strange thing
milkbanditMar-04-24 09:58 PM
by Carcosa2004
LL movies just found on Tubi streaming service
The Man Called Noon The Treasure of Ruby Hills The Shadow Riders It's been years since I posted on this site, but I thought I'd give ya'll a heads
JIMETMar-01-24 04:23 AM
by NoogaStrong
Make sure you LOG IN to see all old posts.
The forum has been updated and one of the new security aspects means you must LOG IN to be able to see all the posts and replys. Sorry for the cha
Paul J ODellFeb-12-24 09:17 PM
by NoogaStrong
CLICK the little PLUS Symbol (+) to see replies and the...
If you click the little plus symbol you should be able to see the VIEW all replies.
Paul J ODellFeb-12-24 07:46 PM01649
Old posts gone?
I don't see anything.
milkbanditFeb-12-24 07:42 PM
by Paul J ODell
BEAU Leatherette collection
I received a large number of the leatherette books as a present. The thought was that it was the complete collection. I am not sure it is and would li
UPmqtcowboyFeb-05-24 05:22 PM
by blamour
More novels that are out of stock%3
This id for Paul.. Are they ever going to re-stock any of the hard covers that are currently 'out of stock'?
Sackettter8Feb-05-24 05:12 PM
by blamour
Discussion Forum Update . . .
Howdie all, Just a little heads up, we are (as you can see from the main site) in the process of updating the website and that means eventually the D
PaulFeb-01-24 04:34 PM
by Paul
'WESTWARD the TIDE' Matt Bardoul was a good man to have as a friend and
Sackettter8Jan-23-24 04:49 PM
by Sackettter8
A little slow on the forum, no comm
Reading 'Westward the Tide' for my fourth read and enjoying the tales of L'Amour and his adventurous writing. On another note, just fi
Sackettter8Jan-22-24 03:21 PM
by milkbandit
Don't see that anyone has done this so far. So, let me just say a "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year" to all. Hope we're all still foggin' the mi
john555Jan-10-24 12:32 AM
by Mik Shaffer
Been on the hunt for some time, from state to state, used bookstores, Friends of the Library and just about any website, including eBay, and oth
Sackettter8Jan-01-24 02:14 PM
by Sackettter8
'THE EMPTY LAND' Another powerful novel that grabs you by your cowboy enthusias
Sackettter8Dec-28-23 10:35 PM
by Sackettter8
Callaghen Survival in the unforgiving desert.' A novel. A tale of outlasting the bitter elemen
Sackettter8Dec-26-23 02:01 PM
by john555
Artwork in books
I am re-reading "Outlaws of Mesquite" and I am enjoying the art work in the book. Do any of the other books have art work? I don't remember any othe
3rdGenDec-26-23 12:27 PM
by Sackettter8

Thought it might be time to say hey. Most of the folks I remember talking with arent with us any longer. One of the things I miss about this sevent
Mik ShafferNov-23-23 10:05 AM
by Sackettter8
Formerly known as Unknown Sackett
Greetings, I've been a member here for years. I've used the handle Unknown Sackett, but for some time now every time I tried to reply to a post it w
3rdGenSep-19-23 12:31 AM
by 3rdGen
Fav LL Book (Full novel, not incl S
Hopefully this is ok to post, but I put together a poll of Louis L'Amour books (my top picks anyway) and would love for my fellow LL lovers to vote on
grizzlyffAug-19-23 11:44 PM
by 3rdGen
Story about Killing a Town?
I have a vague memory of a story by Louis L'Amour that basically talks about "killing a town." As I recall, the town treated someone very inhospitably
lawsonstoneAug-19-23 11:43 PM
by 3rdGen
Whatcha reading?
Just finished an old Perry Mason novel that I had read a few times, so decided to look at a Louis LAmour novel I havent read for awhilewhich is a co
Mik ShafferAug-19-23 11:41 PM
by 3rdGen
Forgot A Book
I can not remember the name of the book or the main character but I do remember a lot about the book itself. Firstly there is a canyon or valley that
JaythoAug-19-23 11:39 PM
by 3rdGen
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