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108, Kilrone
Posted by Les Down Under, Sun Dec-03-17 12:35 AM
1. Page 70 additional spacing needed to denote change of scene between para 2 and 3

"Almost instantly he was sleeping". needs double space before "Major frank Bell Paddock camped near twin buttes".

2. Page 117 2nd and third paragraphs
He caught the mane, mounted and slid off to the side------ Kilrone rolled over on his horses back and slapped him----
No indication that the horse is saddled.

Chapter 14 1st Para "and rigged a hackamore from rawhide strings" indicating a lack of tack on the horse.
Page 119 last paragraph and throughout the story from here on the horse is saddled. "there was no sound but the walking of his horse and the creaking of his saddle".

I am not going to get technical but chemistry says that alcohol is a solution.