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Posted by Sackettter8, Sat Dec-09-23 06:36 PM
Been on the hunt for some time, from state to state, used bookstores, Friends of the Library and
just about any website, including eBay, and others like it.
The hard covers I'm looking for are with the illustrated jacket. It would be helpful if I knew what I was looking for, since I have never seen these editions?
If you have any of the listed novels with the colorful covers, would appreciate a reply to my email or just a comment if you have them.
These would complete my collection and I dearly wish we had photo opportunity for show.
My list;
Lonely on the mountain Treasure mountain
Sacket Brand Reilly's Luck
Thank you for being a L'Amour fan. If you have any would you please share a pic or a comment
You can reach me at