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Top The Louis L'Amour Frequently Asked Questions About Louis L'Amour
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This forum is designed to answer the most frequently asked questions submitted in the Louis L'Amour Discussion Forum. Please post any question you mi
Paul J ODellSep-26-05 05:29 PM
by Paul J ODell

Looking for a title [View all]
Could someone tell me the book that has the character Buff Belmont. I read it years ago and would like to find it agin
Sissy73Feb-19-19 10:20 PM
by Les Down Under
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RE: Looking for a title
Feb 19th 2019

Chantry Talon Kilkenny Reading Orde [View all]
A recommended reading order: The Kilkenny Stories a. West Of Dodge (West Of Dodge) b. A Gun For Kilkenny (Dutchman’s Flat) 1. The Rider Of Lost Creek
PaulMay-10-14 12:38 AM
by Paul

The town called SHALAKO? [View all]
In the late 1960s Louis got involved with a company that wanted to find a use for a large piece of land that they owned at the base of the La Plata Mo
Paul J ODellSep-08-05 04:26 AM
by Paul J ODell

WALKING DRUM Sequel? [View all]
Throughout his career Louis wrote several different series or cycles of stories and sequels. The first were about the South Seas adventures of Ponga J
Paul J ODellSep-08-05 04:25 AM
by Paul J ODell

LAST OF THE BREED - Sequel? [View all]
Louis never wrote or even planned a sequel to this book. He imagined a few scenes that might be in it, like what would happen if Joe Mackatozi confron
Paul J ODellSep-08-05 04:25 AM
by Paul J ODell

Louis' FIRSTS [View all]
First Western: Before WWII Louis was mostly writing adventure and boxing stories, many of which have only recently been published in the new short sto
Paul J ODellSep-08-05 04:22 AM
by Paul J ODell

Pen Names-Tex , Jim, Sam etc. [View all]
In short, Louis used three pen names: TEX BURNS, JIM MAYO and SAM BRANT. Read on for more info. =-=-=-=-=-=-= -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Be
Paul J ODellSep-08-05 04:18 AM
by Paul J ODell

Hopalong Cassidy Novels by Louis? [View all]
In the spring and summer of 1950, Louis L'Amour wrote four stories about Hopalong Cassidy. He used the pen name Tex Burns and the books were commissio
Paul J ODellSep-08-05 04:14 AM
by Paul J ODell

The Louis L'Amour Western Magazine? [View all]
In 1994 and 1995 twelve issues of the Louis L’Amour Western Magazine were published. It was released bimonthly and contained short stories of the old
Paul J ODellSep-08-05 04:13 AM
by Paul J ODell

Can I Hear Louis on the Radio? [View all]
Louis L'Amour Theatre - For about two years, in different parts of the country, a syndicated radio show was broadcast. Louis L’Amour Theater ran on ov
Paul J ODellSep-08-05 04:12 AM
by Paul J ODell

Sackett Reading Order? [View all]
1. Sackett’s Land 2. To the Far Blue Mountains 3. The Warrior’s Path 4. Jubal Sackett 5. Ride the River 6. The Daybreakers 7. The Courting of
Paul J ODellSep-08-05 04:11 AM
by Paul J ODell

A book called SACKETT'S GOLD? [View all]
According to a letter which Louis wrote to one of his fans in 1980: "There is no SACKETT'S GOLD. That title was announced as the title of a book soo
Paul J ODellSep-08-05 04:08 AM
by Paul J ODell

Man from the Broken Hills A Sackett [View all]
When THE MAN FROM THE BROKEN HILLS was published, it was billed as a Sackett novel because Milo Talon, the protagonist was half Sackett. With the publ
Paul J ODellSep-08-05 03:59 AM
by Paul J ODell

What's ROWDIE RIDES TO GLORY? [View all]
Rowdy Rides to Glory is a short story that is published as part of the short story collection called LONIGAN (http://www.louislam our.com/shortstory/l o
Paul J ODellSep-08-05 03:46 AM
by Paul J ODell

Audio title not a Book title? [View all]
Many of the audio cassettes are audio adaptations of short stories NOT novels. We have linked each audio tape to the corresponding book in which the s
Paul J ODellSep-08-05 03:45 AM
by Paul J ODell

Lance Kilkenny Novels & Short Stori [View all]
There are 6 titles. Three Novels: Kilkenny The Rider of Lost Creek The Mountain Valley War Three Short Stories: A Gun for Kilkenny (Short Story in D
Paul J ODellSep-08-05 03:44 AM
by Paul J ODell

Lists of ALL the books Louis wrote [View all]
For a Check List: http://www.lou islamour.com/communi ty/booklist.htm For Plain Text: http://www.lou islamour.com/communi ty/booklist.txt For a Chronoli
Paul J ODellSep-08-05 03:41 AM
by Paul J ODell
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