"Each of us must find wisdom in his own way. Mine is one way, yours another. Perhaps we each need more of what the other knows."

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12-26-23, 09:04 AM (Pacific Time)
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   Don't see that anyone has done this so far. So, let me just say a "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year" to all. Hope we're all still foggin' the mirror this time next year.


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Mik Shaffer
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01-09-24, 07:32 PM (Pacific Time)
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In response to message #0
   Yo! Hope all is well as we head into the new year. A few years ago a buddy and I started to write a novel. He was an ex Marine, fellow Viet Nam Vet, and the objective was to write each other into a corner so we’d have to write our way out, he had a very sick sense of humor. After a few chapters he died, and I swear on some dark, quiet nights I can hear him laughing.

Looking through my library to visit another LL novel or a short story. Always a good way to head into the night…I miss camping and reading LL in a tent with rain gently kissing the canvas, but heading into my eighth decade a warm bed is much preferred. My new cat ain’t as adventurous as my old cat. Storm passed away a year or so ago, and was comfortable anywhere we were, but Otis just likes it better on the pillow next to mine…or laying on the window sill with a view of the lake. Tonight I think I’ll pick up a short story collection and pick a story at random that I ain’t read in awhile. Night all.

Mike S

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