Louis L'Amour Commemorative Stamp

(sample stamp - not actual design)

Louis L'Amour fans are invited to join in a project honoring his forty years as a writer. In Jamestown, North Dakota, Louis' hometown, a project was started in 1998 to obtain a commemorative postage stamp from the U.S. Postal Service in recognition of his immense body of work encompassing the excitement and adventure of the American Frontier.

  1. By 2000 sales of L'Amour's books reached the 300 million mark.
  2. All of his books have portrayed the courageous, tenacious spirit of the men, women and children who settled all regions of our country.
  3. L'Amour's books are translated into 27 languages making him one of the best foreign literature ambassador's we've ever had.
  4. 45 motion pictures have been based on L'Amour's books (shown in theaters and on television).
  5. Although Louis' stories have strong man-woman content they can be read by all ages.

Please send your card or letter in support of this project to:

Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee
U.S. Postal Service
475 L'Enfant Plaza S.W.
Room 4474 E
Washington, DC 20260-2437