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"Discussion Forum Update . . ."
   Howdie all,

Just a little heads up, we are (as you can see from the main site) in the process of updating the website and that means eventually the Discussion Forum as well. It will look different. Updates to security and back end programming require a slightly different look and feel. We are preserving ALL of the discussions and your account info should transfer over to the new system as well.

So if one day you show up and things look different, well, it will be an adventure I'm sure. Click Buttons, Look around, try different settings and I'll do my best to help as I can. Just remember it will be new to me as well! And I ain't no spring chicken any more. We will figure it out though and hopefully it will eventually make the forum more accessible from more devices.

NOT SURE when this will all happen but I wanted to alert you to the prospect.


Paul J. O'Dell

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