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Mik Shaffer
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06-13-23, 11:54 AM (Pacific Time)
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"Whatcha reading?"
   Just finished an old Perry Mason novel that I had read a few times, so decided to look at a Louis LAmour novel I haven’t read for awhile…which is a collection of short stories.

So, we are starting off with Caprock Rancher…yup, been awhile, so off we go. Wish I was camping tonight with my old friend, Tonka, so I could read to him. He was a good trail horse, who loved to walk along mountain ledges. He passed away a couple of decades ago, but you could trust him to get you home safely…unless there was a lake ahead. He got a kick out of dumping riders in the lake. That’s likely why we got along…first time he tried it with me, I pulled back on the reins so hard he nearly sat his butt down. Tonk was a good buddy. I miss him.

Mike S

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