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Matt Bardoul was a good man to have as a friend and a bad one to make trouble with. He was also a single-minded drifter—until he met his match in an outspoken beauty named Jacquine Coyle. She was headed into the Bighorn Mountains with her father and an expedition in search of gold. After Matt signs on to join them, he discovers that there is a group of outlaws in the party—gunfighters and thieves that Matt wouldn’t trust for a minute. At first it’s unclear what they are planning, but before long Matt realizes that he’s the only man standing between innocent people and a brutal conspiracy of greed, lust, and cold-blooded murder...

They came, the pioneers, the settlers, the farmers, the doo-gooders, the land grabbers, thieves, the gamblers and the bad man came to a land unchanged for hundreds of years, The Indians
had everything they needed to survive, they respected the land for they had the buffalo to sustain all
there needs. They had there hunting grounds, there beliefs and there code of survival. The white man
believed them to be savages, considered them easy prey and ignorant to the white mans way and they
wanted their land and their gold.
But they had no respect for the land, they looted and raped the forests, the woodlands, the streams and the rivers. They wanted the gold in the black hills, but they knew little of the Indians, unknowingly of their warring ways. They cut trees down, not thinking of future generations, they only thought of now.
The government wanted the land too, so they put a bounty on buffalo hides, so the slaughter began and
a onslaught of rage became a war against the Indians, but that's another story.
Great tale of an elaborate plot to loot a fully stocked wagon train headed to an unknown destination with promises of gold. That was the plan, to stock each wagon with thousand dollars of stock and make conditions as to what they would hold. From the beginning, when it was just in the planning stages Matt Bardoul felt something odd about the whole thing, wondering why so many noted gunmen were situated in one or two wagons, but not stocked with goods like the rest of the wagons. So the plan to take forty plus wagons into a land of little water, bad traveling routes, all organized by Brian Coyle and others, but in reality Clive Massey was the master planner, a devious man who had other plans for the wagon train. It was led by a retired colonel and split up into teams, each one led by a elected group,
But if you are curious and want to know more, pick the book up and ride along with one of the greatest story tellers ever to set his pen on paper.....


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