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"Happy New Year"
   Greetings everyone. I wish you all a wonderful 2023.

I wish we had more activity on this board. I know it will never be like the old days, but sometimes I long for the early days of the internet when boards like this were very active with lots of camaraderie.

I must admit my reading has declined over the years, but for some reason over the holidays this year I began to get a very strong urge to read again. I have ordered a few books to begin with, and I plan on revisiting some of my LL favorites.

Life is changing, fellas. It is changing around us, and also we ourselves are changing. I know some members who used to come here are gone now, passed away. As I watch the world change I am moved to recommit to seeking an engaging life. I do not want to ever say I gave up on life and quit trying. So this is my new challenge, to make each day count and to enjoy each day, and to do a better job interacting with other people. I have not done a good job interacting lately. The past ten years have been dark ones.

But I am here now. I enjoy each and every one of you here, and I want Beau to know how much I appreciate all he does for the site. Time is a limited resource, and I want to make it count, every minute.

Cheers to everyone here, and in the spirit of a reboot will you click reply here and remind me what continent you are on? I know there are several Aussies here. I would like a refresher with each of your geographical location if that is okay.

I am in Georgia, USA. But I am looking to relocate when I retire soon, and have not decided where that will be.

Hope everyone has a good day!


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