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Posted by Sackettter8 on 12-28-23 at 05:35 PM
Another powerful novel that grabs you by your cowboy enthusiasm, so ride along with Louis as he spreads a tale of a newborn mining town with a great cast as usual.....
##### Felton, co- owner of the Discovery mine realized the criminal element growing in his town,
but he was a believer of non- violence and thought dastardly that the town could be tamed using diplomacy instead of gunfire. He even tried to be sheriff, reluctant to hire the one man who could do it but everyone else knew it but him.
The town began long before Felton discovered gold. Its unreal how a prospector, trapper and a coyote can begin a trail of events that brings a mystery to unfold a tale of gold, its power, and sometimes bad things to greedy men to take from the weak.
Nature can develop a companionship with the elements, time, the ever shifting of the land, the soil and rocks and what cold, heat, erosion can do to shape the fertile lay of the land.
Many years later as a man sat on a rock, smoking a pipe, contemplating, reached over to knock the ashes from his pipe and found gold in a stream of glistening rock. And so it began, the town they called Confusion. Felton and his two partners layed out the town, making lots to be sold, knowing they would come after Felton had ridden into town and laid claim to his discovery, the rowdies, the gamblers, the killers, the thieves, card sharks and cutthroats would soon follow him to lay tract to their deeds.
Enter Matt Coburn, but the town didn't want him until they knew he was the only answer.
If you want to know more, read the novel. I won't play spoiler.