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#1, RE: More novels that are out of sto
Posted by Paul on 02-01-24 at 11:26 AM
In response to message #0
Sadly, probably not. The morphology of books these days seems to have moved on from . . .

First - Hardcover for a year
Then - Paperback


First E-book FOREVER
and Hardcover - for maybe a year
Then Paperback - for as long as sales sustain it.

The hardcovers go until they sell out the first and maybe the second printing and unless that happens extremely rapidly, they never look back.

NOW, That is not to say that some special books don't get reprinted in hardcover but it is not the norm these days. Books like FRONTIER, SMOKE FROM THIS ALTAR, A TRAIL OF MEMORIES and EDUCATION OF A WANDERING MAN to name a few from Louis.