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#3, RE: I don't want to let go
Posted by john555 on 02-29-24 at 07:44 PM
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Well said. This was brought home to my wife and me about 10 years ago. We inherited some of her grandmother's furniture. It was not real fancy but it was good solid wooden furniture manufactured in Michigan. We decided to get it restored and found a couple of gents that did that sort of thing. In talking to one of them, he told us that many of
the younger generations no longer wanted solid wood furniture. It was all IKEA now. Too bad. When they finished the restoration, we had some beautiful furniture. Fortunately we have a few nephews and nieces that will appreciate these pieces when we are gone. But, they are a minority. I'm sure that one day what's old will be new again but how much will be lost in the meantime?