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#1, RE: Hello the house…
Posted by Sackettter8 on 11-18-23 at 01:18 PM
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Well written summary,
but not one comment, seemingly different compared to years ago. Not enough interest or newer members without the stamina or will, no encouragement, to correspond.
I remember a time when every subject, every post was well received with vigor.
Just got back from Utah and the Guardsman Pass and many trails to ponder, wondering if Louis's invisible footsteps lay before me...

The unforgiving beauty and power of the desert, where it all began, and in countless years nature has been at work, the glaring sun, the heat, the cold, the wind and water has slowly changed the rocks, polishing others, and the lichen had eaten at their exposed sides.....Louis L'Amour..
I walked the one mile, but the heat and the dry air seems to take your stamina. Footsteps seemed to be miles away, crunching under your feet making it harder to walk. My brother wanted to go on to the overlook, but it took so much from us, and though we had enough water, it didn't make no difference, the desert rules and tells you how far you can go.
Perhaps, if we went early in the morning, we'll give it another try...
All I want now is a cool drink with a lot of ice, some shade and a resting place to close my eyes and ponder the beauty of the desert...
September waits for another try....