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#0, Hello the house…
Posted by Mik Shaffer on 05-10-23 at 07:17 PM
Thought it might be time to say hey. Most of the folks I remember talking with aren’t with us any longer. One of the things I miss about this seventh decade is old friends who aren’t able to share their memories of Louis L’Amour stories any longer. If you’re like me you’ve read the stories over and over…in bed, at the dining table, in a tent, or even at a story location. Travel is limited now at the end of my seventh decade, but reading any Louis L’Amour story is always worth the journey. There was a time not too long ago a buddy and I started to write a story, but he died before we finished the third chapter. We’ll discuss that again when I reach the end of the trail.

Anyway, currently I am into REILLY’S LUCK for I forget how many times. One of the fun things about the stories is visiting the sites where the stories took place…and even camping out or visiting the hotel where the story was written and walking over the ground of the characters. One story involved a rock that was on a cliff side for centuries that suddenly rolled off and rested at the bottom. I rode past it on one trip to California and on the way back it was gone…having dropped off and rolled to the bottom. Yes, I found it. There were even wild horses in areas Louis wrote about. I don’t know if they’re still in the area, but it was an eyebrow raising moment a few decades ago.

Anyway, if you’re new to the world’s of Louis L’Amour enjoy the journey and be sure to visit some of the remote sites…take a tent and an LL story along to fall deeper into the world of Louis L’Amour. On some of the backroads keep an eye out for wild horses..small parts of the west are still wild…watch out for snakes and honor the Native Americans that continue to reside there. A great adventure awaits…