No Man's Man

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Audio Drama
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Louis L'Amour brings you the Wild West as you've never heard it before. This classic story on audiocassette, complete with a full cast, stirring music, and authentic sound effects, sweeps you back to the glory days of the late 1800s. Previously available as part of the Four More by L'Amour collection, No Man's Man is now available as a single cassette program.

Passion drives fast gun Lou Morgan to the town of Battle Basin- passion and the promise of $5,000. For in this dusty town lives the wildly irresistible Nana Maduro, the woman Morgan loved enough to kill for, the woman who walked away from him without a word. Now, bitter but still caught in her spell, Morgan hires on with one of Nana's suitors to eliminate that man's rival. But when Morgan finds himself the target of two ugly killers, he can't help but wonder what Nana's admirers are really after, or if he'll live to find out.